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Air Pollution Control

Fuel Tech's APC technologies are installed worldwide on over 1,000 combustion units, including utility, industrial and municipal solid waste applications. Products include customized NOx control systems, which can reduce emissions from 30% - 85%, Particulate Matter control systems, which can increase the capture of fine particulate to reduce opacity and emissions, along with proprietary urea-to-ammonia conversion technology, which can provide safe reagent for use in selective catalytic reduction systems.

Fuel Tech, a leader in the air pollution control (APC) business, has developed a variety of patented, state-of-the-art proprietary technologies that are focused on multi-pollutant control which are created from a variety of combustion sources utilizing a wide variety of fuel inputs.

Fuel Tech's approach is to provide systems designed to achieve high levels of performance to meet customer expectations. Anticipated performance ranges are noted on each product page. Actual NOx and PM2.5 emission reduction results will vary depending on the combustion unit design, specific operating characteristics, and the starting emission levels of the combustion unit involved.

As a key participant in the APC business, Fuel Tech is a member of the following organizations: