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HClear® – HCl Abatement Programs

  • Stable liquid product
  • Low capital investment
  • Full service operation
  • No impact on fly ash
  • No interference with mercury control programs
  • Selective towards HCl reduction
  • Over 20 years of chemical injection experience


HClear HCl-ReductionGraph

Demonstration results show that the HClear program offers significantly more efficient HCl reduction over other technologies


The Utility MATS and Boiler MACT Rules have outlet emission requirements that will likely require HCl control. HClear is an alternative to conventional DSI, and can reduce potential PM issues while providing a solution for chloride emissions.

Fuel Tech’s HClear® program is a complete operating program, supported by Fuel Tech’s highly trained engineers and technicians and designed using our extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and process experience. The HClear system injects a liquid for HCl abatement, and requires no capital investment. The HClear program relies on the injection of a stable aqueous solution into gas streams to reduce gaseous HCl emissions.

HCl emissions must often be reduced from environments with high concentrations of SO2. Most dry sorbents concurrently react in the flue gas with SO2 where typical concentrations are 300 to 3,000 ppmv, and also with HCl where typical concentrations are 1 to 100 ppmv. Typical DSI sorbents are not selective in terms of reactivity, which can result in lower HCl removal efficiencies or higher injection rates.

HClear PerformanceGraph

The HClear technology is selective for HCl, resulting in high HCl removal efficiencies, low chemical injection doses, and no impact on particulate loading. Additionally, HClear programs have no impact on fly ash chemistry or pH. Consequently, injection of the HClear program does not increase the leachability of toxic metals from fly ash. HClear programs also contain a mild mercury oxidant and does not impact the performance of powdered activated carbon injection for mercury control.

Fuel Tech has expertise utilizing CFD modeling to predict flow characteristics and chemistry. CFD modeling enables our engineers to design an HClear injection system to maximize performance.



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