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Customer Testimonials

Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L)

"We are pleased with our results from Fuel Tech and would recommend the Company to other utilities. The SNCR system (which includes RRI) is delivering 50% NOx reduction. The ULTRA system was installed as a safety precaution given our close proximity to the town. We wanted to avoid the hazards associated with the storage and transport of anhydrous and aqueous ammonia."
-- Mark Menke, Supervising Engineer, KCP&L - 2011

"Working with Fuel Tech has been a good experience. Their systems are reliable and have been operating well. The maintenance is minimal. Their service representatives are easy to reach and are very knowledgeable. They do a good job teaching us what we need to know about the equipment and how the technology operates."
-- Ben Cerra, Operations Superintendent, KCP&L – 2011

Santee Cooper Case Study

FUEL CHEM® Testimonial Presentation at the 52nd Annual FOMIS Conference, Dec. 2006.
Presentation by Jimmy Blakley, Senior Performance Manager, at Western Farmers' HUGO Station.
Conference attendees included: Operation Managers, Maintenance Managers, Project Engineers, Shift Supervisors and Plant Managers.

Customer Reference Letter from Detroit Edison

Western Farmers Electric Cooperative’s (WFEC) Hugo Station Case Study

"The Fuel Tech TIFI® demo — which is now in its third year with the same additive- has turned into an ongoing and successful business partnership for both companies. The program has proven to be an excellent tool for significantly mitigating problematic slag in our PRB coal-burning unit. It has increased both our run time and overall megawatt output. The TIFI technology also has enabled WFEC to successfully burn a wider variety of PRB coals, increasing the savings realized."
--Jimmy Blakley, Western Farmers Senior Plant Engineer, POWER, October 2005, “Computer Modeling Brings Slag Control into the 21st Century”

"The savings in outage time alone exceeds what we spend on FUEL CHEM®. I have been in business for thirty years, and have never known a plant that did not have slag problems. I can’t believe it took so long to come up with this technology because it is much needed."
--Jimmy Blakley, Senior Plant Engineer, March 2004

"With Fuel Tech, it is a team effort. We have an extremely good relationship with them, and they provide excellent support. Through good communication, we were able to do the installation online, with no down time, as well as utilizing our existing opening for nozzles without adding more boiler ports. We are pleased with what we have seen and as a result, have signed a three year contract for Fuel Tech’s TIFI technology."
--Charles Collier, Western Farmers Plant Manager, March 2004

"The decision to utilize Fuel Tech’s chemical mitigation process has so far eliminated problematic slag accumulation and related furnace fouling issues. Another benefit of using TIFI is that Hugo Station has been able to reduce its excess-air levels as well as its emissions of NOx."
--Charles Collier, Plant Manager, POWER, Sept. 2003, “Slag Fighter”

"To get a better understanding of the (slagging) problem, WEN (Winslow Environmental News) contacted two customers using FUEL CHEM. Running average-sized coal-fired utility boilers, each plant had been losing $3.5 million annually in revenues, or 70,000 megawatts of lost energy that then needed to be purchased on the open market, due to downtime removing slag. Before using FUEL CHEM, company boilers were taken off line for seven days twice a year at a cost of $250,000 per day… In some cases, the return on investment (ROI) (from FUEL CHEM) has been over 200% annually. Indeed, one unit manager stated that his initial $1.5 million investment returned $4 million in just one year."
--Winslow Environmental News, "Making Coal Cleaner: Fuel Tech at the Forefront", October 2003